music & yoga

an unbeatable combination

Do you belt out your favorite songs in the shower every morning, but don’t dare sing in front of other people? Do you have melodies in your head that you are struggling to develop into full songs? Are you a musician who wants to deepen your understanding of music but are not able to attend music lessons lessons every week?

If any of these sound familiar then this is the place for you: Here at soulplay I offer one and multi-day workshops – which address these specific issues in a safe and creative environment. Each workshop is led by a professional musician and is designed around a specific topic: songwriting, singing or getting creative. Before and afterwards enjoy a perfectly matched yoga session aimed to improve lung capacity and posture (for singers especially), and for both relaxation and invigoration.

These workshops also make great team building events – find more infos about that here.

Find the workshop that suits you best and become a part of soulplay!