about me

music and yoga – two topics that move me

One in the literal way, the other psychologically and emotionally.

Music has been a part of me since my earliest childhood: at the age of 4 I joined my first choir, at the age of 6 I started playing my first instrument and three years ago I started out with my fifth instrument: the guitar.

Even though I love singing recent and older songs, I have started writing my own songs two years ago. On the search for retreats which offer for example songwriting, I was unable to find the right place for me so far. Since I don’t want you to come in this same position, I want to introduce my concept to you!

Yoga also accompanies me for quite some time. Originally started at Uni – because all the other sports courses were full already – I quickly discovered the advantages of yoga and never quit since then. My yoga teacher training was only the necessary consequence of my decade-long practice to improve my own training but also being able to pass on my passion.

The combination of these two elements for me is a wonderful completement. Working on my breathing gives  me more air to sing. Working on my spinal muscles straightens my spine, which has suffered from hunching over my guitar. The activation through yogic movments makes me perform like a pro in front of a (small) crowd. In addition, singing is an important part of yoga – the chanting of mantras is one of the purest forms of meditation.

When are you going to join me?